CPE – March 5th

Hi there guys,

I know I failed to post the homework last class, but I’ve been on the lookout for a new blog server – edublogs is just not working anymore. Anyway, this is what you were supposed to have done for today’s class (as we haven’t had the time to correct everything, we’ll finish checking it next class):

– Coursebook: pages 12 – 16

For our next lesson, not only will you have to finish what you were supposed to have finished for today, but you’ll also have to do the following:

– Exam Maximiser: pages 11 – 15 (on page 15, DON’T do exercise 5)
– Go over your mock tests. Make sure you use your dictionary to help you with lexis (check collocations of words).

Don’t forget to join the Diigo group. I sent you all an invitation, so check your email inbox.



CPE – February 19th

Hello there,

We’ve had our first class last Friday. I hope you all enjoyed it.

This is just a quick post to remind you of the homework for our next lesson:

– Exam Maximiser: pages 8 – 10

I’ll post a couple of things about Diigo later.


CAE – November 20

Hello there,

Today we corrected all the homework that had been assigned, and we also had a listening mock test. There’s no homework today, but I’ll leave you with a couple of recommendations:

1. Pay a visit to Flo-Joe and do some of the exercises they bring there.

2. Make sure you try to listen to a couple of episodes from Newspod.

3. Visit the Guardian Unlimited online and try to read at least two articles this week. You can pick and choose the articles – choose a topic that interests you.


FCE – November 18

Dear students,

We spent the class today correcting our Use of English mock test. I think it was fruitful, what about you?

This means that, for our next class, apart from doing what had been assigned as homework for today, you’ll also have to do:

– Exam Maximiser: pages 54, 55, 56 (the exercise ends on page 57).


CAE – November 13


How did you like your class on a Friday the 13th? Spooky? Or just a problem with the mock test?

Anyway, here goes the homework:

– Coursebook: page 124 (Phrasal verbs and compound nouns)

– Coursebook: pages 127 – 129 (Units 6-10 progress test)

– Handout: Units 6-10 progress test